Monday, September 06, 2010

Surreal Seventeen...

After finding out that my father in law probably wouldnt live for 24 more hours, we set out to run 17 miles. Brian left for the airport just before we took off. It was a gorgeous run and just what I needed to clear my head. The first 10 miles flew by as we watched the sun rise. Miles 11-17 were pretty as we made our way on a new route through a different town. We looped through the park and that was so beautiful. The sun was beaming through the trees and leaves were crunching under our feet....ahh, love Fall running!

We ended at Flap Jacks but our plan to eat didnt work out. I came home and helped make pancakes for my sister and her family who came into town for C's birthday. It was a great run and our pace was 10:41..I actually cant wait for our 18 miler!!

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