Thursday, September 30, 2010

Totally awesome Twenty!!

So this weekend was our first 20 miler! Luckily, we did a race that was downtown. It was a chilly, windy morning with temps at about 45. There was also a light drizzle for part of the race. We took off and for miles 1-10 we chatted with some girls we know from the mini marathon training.

Miles 11-14 were so sweet! I felt like I was flying and had no pain! I was on cloud 9! Miles 14-20,  Jenny took off. I had to dig deep and finish strong. I found my inner warrior, but the roads were really uneven and not paved...that caused a few issues for my feet/knees. I thanked every cop at each intersection...that pumped me up every 1/2 mile!

In the end, I was able to keep going and not stop to walk. Time was 3:32/10:37 pace.  Jenny's pace was a 10:20 pace...thats her goal and I need to work on catching up to her so I dont have to run any of the marathon alone (unless its the very end!) It was definitely a huge milestone and I am very proud of myself! Jenny came in 9th and I came in 10th out of our age division! Rock it!

Breakfast of champs! 16 grams of protein, chia seeds for endurance and oats for carbs!

okay blogger is going to tell the story backwards..oh well too lazy to fix it. This is my updated bib board

Me and my boys!

Me and the fam

The finish!

Before..keeping warm

Jenny waiting in car

How I rode all the way home

My precious!

Totally awesome Twenty!!

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Sarah Forgrave said...

Wow, I am in awe. :-)