Sunday, October 24, 2010

22 miler!

This was a 5 miler + 22 miler because I forgot to download my watch...but hoping this is a good sign for my time for race day

                                                                      this was the real time
                                                                got my game face on!
                                                         read em and weep!! 22 baby!
that's right...we are awesome!

Cant believe I am just now posting this! The run was unbelievable! WE rocked it out. Jenny at a 9:59 pace and me at 10:05. The run was very enjoyable and we pushed ourselves as hard as we could. We even climbed a monstrous hill at mile 17. Insanity. Afterwards, I had to drive 6 hrs to Knoxville for a wedding and even danced in heels that night! I was on cloud nine! What a day!

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