Sunday, October 24, 2010

Please pray for Haiti and Taper Madness

As you may know, I am going to Haiti in December. As you may also know, a Cholera outbreak is spreading fast and the Haitians are in danger of losing even more lives. Please pray for them. I am not sure if our trip will be cancelled or not due to the looming danger

Honestly, I feel ridiculous even talking about this after posting about Haiti. However, if you have been following my training, I wanted to give an update. Taper Madness has officially set in and I am forced to not run and nurse an injury. (on top of the other craziness Taper mind brings!) Not sure if I will still get to run the marathon. Please also pray for fast healing for my leg and for God's will to be done. (Obviously not near as important as your prayers for Haiti-so if you pick one, pick them)


Sarah Forgrave said...

Oh Karin, I'm sorry to hear about your setback! And hopefully you'll still be able to visit Haiti.

Emilie M. said...

Hey! You're not on FB anymore?! E-mail me! I miss your updates and all your foodie stuff! emiliemoore @

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