Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

In light of the new year, let's recap last's years resolutions and then look ahead to 2011.

It's a New Year and a chance for a New YOU! 2010 Resolutions

1. Study God's word in depth; spend more time with Christ getting to know Him for who He really is. study and put into practice His principles and try to model my life after His

Feel good about this one, but always growing and learning. Joined BSF and studied the book of John. Also studying Isaiah now. Did Esther study this summer. But most importantly, seeking Him first and listening to HIs voice more consistently. Obedience and suffering were a major lesson in 2010 . I learned a lot through my running injury as well. Lots of refining this year

2. Strengthen my bonds of marriage and with my children

Definitely feel like this one was a success! I feel closer to my my husband and children and feel like we understand each other and take time to listen and appreciate one another. 2010 was a hard year in many respects, but the trials only brought us closer which is a major improvement from years past

3. Focus on writing as a career

I picked up more hours writing and am now a member of the Communications team. I am learning and growing so much. Writing a page a day on my manuscript is a fail but I am writing everyday. I also started a new manuscript and continue to meet with my critique partners

4. Stop watching so much reality TV; this one is critical to number 3 being accomplished.

Major sucess. We cut off our cable and I stayed in book club for the year.

5. Read more!

Definitely did. Read one book or more a month

6. Eliminate as many toxins as possible in my body

Definitely did. Started shopping weekly at Whole Foods and ate mostly organic all year

7. Run my first mini marathon!

Success! And completed a 10 mile race, a 4 mile race, a 20 mile race and a Triathlon! I was close to logging 1,000 miles for the year before I got injured in October. But, I learned there are more important things than mileage

8. Incorporate more diversity into my life

Still working on this one. But ventured downtown so much more. Went to the Art Museum some and Broad Ripple. Discovered many new areas and also traveled to Haiti.

9. Spend time doing things that help develop who I am and who God intended me to be (I have put most of my interests on the backburner for several years if not a decade; no one asked me to-I just did)

Did this through developing my love of cooking, running and writing

10. Travel more

Went to Knoxville quite a bit, Disney, Hilton Head, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Haiti.

Now for 2011!!

Wow, I feel like I accomplished most on my list. But, my list this year is really going to be quite simple and difficult at the same time

1) I just want to be more like Jesus. I want to serve like He did, love like He did, pray like He did and be willing to suffer like He did. You only have one shot in this life. I dont want to waste my time on this earth. I want to be willing to go where He leads me-no matter the cost

What are your resolutions?