Sunday, January 14, 2007

30 Hour Famine-Sr. High

Friday night was our 30 Hour Famine. It is an effort we work with to raise funds for children of war in Uganda. The theme this year was Starve Hunger. During the Famine, youth and adults get sponsorship for each hour of the 30 hours they go without food. Friday night, we all got together to participate in the Sr. High famine. (Karin stayed out for this one as she has been ill:( We played some cool games where you take on the identity of a true child of war. Some of the kids have AIDS, Malaria, some have lost limbs, etc. When you take on this identity, you participate all 30 Hours with this "disability" We also had prayer stations and jounaling along with watching some videos on the children of War and their amazing stories. We then broke the fast with communion. This is a powerful event that not only helps to put our lives here in America in perspective but also helps encourage compassion for all of humanity. Our Middle School Famine will be in March. So, if you would like to volunteer (as we have spaces and opportunities always:) let us know. This year we had Stuart Williams from our missions team and Amy May (a former youth now college student whom participated last year as well)

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emilie123 said...

hey hey hey! i found out that our missions festival is Jan 26, 27, and 28th. you guys should totally come. I can tell you more about it at work!