Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A very merry Christmas!

These pics are of Christmas Eve and Christmas day at the Hume's new house. On Christmas Eve, we went to church and came home to open pajamas to wear on Christmas day (a new tradition we started this year)I also have some pics of the scrambled egg favorite (spoken of in past posts) the recipe that I got from Brian's mom. He had it growing up every year. With that, I made Monkey bread (as mid-westerners call it) or if you are my mother in law, coffee cake. Either way, it was delicious! Brian said that this was his favorite gift(what-it beat out Star Wars?) and even used it in his sermon on Sunday. (okay, a little embarrassing for me as he said his favorite gift was his wife getting up and cooking for him-hmmm,should this have happened way before now?:) Anyway, Tayler woke up very joyous even though he thought he would not be receiving gifts b/c he received a big gift for his birthday. But, b/c his attitude was so good with that, his parents couldn't resist blessing him more! We had a lovely Christmas in our new home. What a tremendous blessing it is to have this home and my boys. I truly couldn't ask for more!
PS My favorite gift was the ability to give this Holiday season. We were able to bless others in ways that we haven't in previous years. That was the best present of all!


emilie123 said...

hey, what's up with the comment spam! here's a real comment for you! That monkey bread looks good!


THat monkey bread DOES look good! Your quite the cook!!! :)