Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Over the River and through the woods (and some mountains too:)

Yes, we traveled a great distance to GA (Atlanta that is) to visit my dad, step mother, my sisters, my wonderful brother in law and nephew (and baby Julia inutero) The visit was nice. We stayed two days and as usual my step mother made a delicious dinner. (and many other meals) My dad made breakfast as usual....which is one of my favorite memories of my dad's house growing up. We played after opening gifts on Wednesday (with Karin even doing back flips on the trampoline-much to my little sisters dismay) Katie and Tayler were big helpers putting together all of Jackson's gifts for him. One of the things I look forward to while visitng in GA is my dad building a fire. He did build several this year, but we also got to enjoy one of my step mother's gifts-which was an outdoor fire pit. We really enjoyed being outdoors with the fire for many hours...with my dad picking Brian's spiritual brain as usual and Melody and Tayler playing Sudoku. The following day, Thursday, we just chilled.....Melody, (did I mention she was such a trooper due to her calf injury she incurred while kick boxing?)Brian, and my dad watched some of Brian's new Lost DVD's while Rachel, Tayler, Katie, and I painted block letters Rachel purchased for the kiddos of their initials. That was fun and they turned out great. Rachel always thinks of fun, practical things to do! We also played softball with an unfair advantage from my little sis and my step mom. They are really good! Melody couldn't run, so she hit the ball for me and I ran...the only way to victory for my team! Oh and the pic under the heading is of Jackson in Mrs. Hollywood's glasses (as my sister, Katie, deemed me this past week although, I would still argue she is a girly girl as well:) The trip was wonderful. We were blessed with many gifts but the best was being with our family.....and the warm weather wasn't too bad either:)

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Chris & Jen said...

It looks like you all had a fun time! I would love to see ya'll if you come to Nash.