Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Awesome time of prayer and fellowship!

Tonight was our second launch team meeting but within that so much more.....we had an awesome time of prayer, fellowship, and experiencing God together. My dear friend, Alice, came along with one of her close friends from California. God showed up and really ministered to each of us..specifically Brian, myself, and another friend. We were prayed over in a powerful way and God not only spoke to us but showed us a glimpse of His glory. Thank you Lord for great friends in you. Thank you for thinking enough of us to show us more of You. You are more than we could ever think or imagine, more than we could ever dream, more than we could ever dare to hope or ask. Jesus you are our everything! Let us go out and glorify you doing for others what You have done for us tonight. We want to share with others just what they can have in You....intimacy, mercy, deliverance, peace, understanding, LOVE...

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