Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First football game of 07

Tayler's first football game of 2007 was last week (sorry for being late in posting, I know I have ADHD and do not have the patience for pics to download)Tri-West won 20-7 and Tayler was thrown two-two point conversions. Tonight, he was also thrown a pass to almost tie the game. He is being used more this year than ever! He is safety and running back. Enjoy the pics. We love you guys! -Leave a comment!
ps He is #1 (of course he is, but really his number is number 1)


Jen said...

Way to go Tayler!!

It's hard to believe he is so grown up!

emilie123 said...

sweet! :)

Samuel said...

O.K Mr. Athletic (TAYLER!) I love the pictures. Your parents took really nice pictures of you at the game. And by the way, you look really cool with your shirt not tucked in.