Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 07

You have to remember these pics are taken early in the morning, so excuse our appearance! lol!! We had a good Christmas. We made homemade cookies the night before and went to look at lights. We also opened our PJ's which is a new tradition we started last year. We had a beautiful, worshipful candle light service at the church plant the Sunday before....even Tayler sang and said it was very meaningful!!

Christmas morning, we woke up and ate Brian's mom's recipe that I began to cook last year. (see first pic) This will be a continued tradition. Christmas day was mostly relaxing, Tayler playing with gifts, and us as well (thank you Melody for the physical perfection books! and Laurie for the expresso cups! now, I need a machine and I will be in heaven!) Of course, Brian's favorite gifts were all Star Wars characters-although Hereoes came close. I was able to get him 33 original characters (from the 70's)from a neighbor and a case they came in. He had no idea!!! We also loved our gift cards. I especially love the one from my step mom to Pottery Barn (thank you Sharon!!)We then went to see National Treasure.(and I was able to look so chic due to Rachel's beautiful gifts!) Because we don't have family here, we do this every year as well. Enjoy the pics and a year in review to be coming up soon.

ps Yes, that is Chewbaca in the background with a Santa hat! Gotta love it!!

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Jen said...

Hey girl! How are ya'll? It sounds like you had a great Christmas and the food looks yummy!