Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby Shower with friends and family!

My wonderful friend, Christy, threw me a baby shower this weekend for friends and family. We had such a good time. She is so detail oriented and definitely has the gift of hospitality. She made everything herself down to the small candy bar wrappers that said "Bundle of Boy, Bundle of Joy" She also made all of the food from scratch and used a lot of her vegetables from her personal garden. We had cucumber dip, hummus, cucumber sandwiches, corn/bean salsa, chicken salad with walnuts and grapes, triple chocolate chip cake and angel food cake with stawberries and cream cheese sauce. (all with cute labels!)
She had the cutest decorations ever! For each table, she rolled up washclothes and put wrappers over them with a polka dotted bow around them to look like lollipops. She of course also had the confetti type "its a boy" each table. She had napkins that were shaped like diapers with a gold pin in each of them. She also had flowers on each table from her garden. Did I mention she did all of this by herself and that this is the first shower she has ever thrown?
We had a good turnout from my mom, sister, sister in law to previous co-workers and past church members, former youth, community group friends, etc. I felt so blessed, humbled, and loved. We played a lot of really fun games from baby word scramble to writing cards of encouragement and advice for Brian and I. She had gift bags for each of the winners with such cute gifts in them. She also had a guest book that she created for a keepsake. Oh yeah, she even had the guests fill out their addresses on thank you cards she provided! She just did such a good job and I am so grateful for a friend like her. We received all types of wonderful gifts from hooded towels (so cute) to fun toys (really love playing with these!) a few monogrammed bibs (yipee!) and our high chair and travel system we registered for. This weekend, we felt so loved and blessed to have all of these people in our lives to share this special time with. Thank you all so much!


Jennifer said...

Looks like fun!! I have always wanted one of the frog toy holders! I can't believe time is ticking so quickly.

Aimee said...

Glad you had a wonderful shower!! = )

The VWs said...

What a fun shower and celebration for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Glad that your shower was so much fun and that you felt so LOVED! You show so much love to others that you deserve it!!! You look wonderful and so happy!! I also love the artwork. What a talented family!!!!
Thanks for all the random pics. They are such fun to look at.