Monday, July 07, 2008

Nursery Part I

So, we have been somewhat working on getting the nursery together. I say somewhat b/c it has been slow in the process. However, our crib arrived today and we (I mean Brian) set that up. I was there for moral support.:) The other day we also (again, I mean Brian) also began the process of painting the furniture black (the dresser, shelf, etc) Brian was so excited about the crib coming. He has been watching it online as it was shipped from city to city. Setting up the room reminded me of setting up for Tayler's room before he was born....aww! We still have a lot to do to get the nursery ready but we will be picking up the pace here shortly. Here are a few pics of our time spent. There is also a pic of a cute bib my sister had made for the baby. It says Little Humie...(they called Brian "Humie" in college)

To do list:

Finish painting edging in room
Paint shelf
Put hardware on dresser
Replace light fixture in room
Paint glider
Replace fabric on glider
Have mural painted
Paint changing table
Put up clothes/wash clothes
What am I missing?


Aimee said...

Go out with Brian for nice quiet dinner and movie before baby arrives!! LOL!!

H & E said...

LOVE the crib and the bib!! So adorable!