Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have been thinking a lot about this lately and felt I needed to write a post about the gratitude I feel. I feel so grateful to God for blessing us with the miracle of pregnancy/baby. When I really think about it, how long we have waited, the tears I have cried, the pain and loss I have felt over the years, the ways I tried to "fix" it, I think of the verse that "joy comes in the morning"

This feeling I have cannot even be put into words. Thank you Lord for being such a faithful father. Thank you for never letting me go when I chose to not walk in trust, when I rebelled against your plan, when I got lost in hopelessness. You held me that entire time in your love and faithfulness. That is what I love about you....who you are. ....your character-that NEVER changes....even when we do and so flippantly.

I can't wait to meet this baby. We have waited for him and we can't wait to see his face, touch his fingers and toes, and whisper in his ear. We love you baby. Thank you God for blessing us with this perfect gift. Thank you for your incredible love manifested in your provision for our family. .....for a wonderful husband who I am convinced is an angel sent into my life just to show me how deep your love really is, for a beautiful momma's boy, Tayler, who makes me smile everyday and makes me so proud, and for this beautiful baby who will be here soon...who has already brought such joy and restoration into our lives. We love you Jesus and are so thankful for our inheritance in you!


Reannon said... are so mushy. You sound exactly like I did! Well, except Joe and I were not waiting for Joie, she was quite the surprise. Perfect surprise, but still a surprise! I do not know, were you two trying for a long time?

Happy that you are experiencing this unbelievable gift from God. Remember these mushy feelings when he is crawling around getting into everything! :)

Aimee said...

God is so gracious, isn't He? We serve an awesome God.