Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chase at 1 year!

A hat we got at the Gap with a gift card from Papa!


He loves his little farm (we call it little Pittsboro- he has a farm, race car and a fire truck. If there was a little people bar it would be complete)

The first time Chase showed any interest in climbing the stairs he was trying to catch up with me. He was looking up at me and so I started encouraging him to climb the stairs.

Singing with his music toy.

Riding his car saying "bye"

Chase loves smashing into things with his new car

He loves all his new toys- now we really need a toybox!
  • Chase is 16 pounds and 5 ounces (25-50 percentile- up from his usual 5 percentile) and 28 inches (25-50 percentile)
  • He loves singing, clapping to music (Laurie Berkner Band on Noggin and Fresh Beat Band are his favorites), dancing and playing music.
  • He loves to be silly and is always laughing.
  • He is fascinated with cords to all of our electronics and is focused on getting them.
  • His vocabulary consists of "ball", "bye", "hi", "dad", "ci" (which we think is short for paci), tries to say "book", and says "vroom" when playing with his vehicles
  • He is pulling himself up and attempting to walk on his own
  • He loves books- his favorite is one about animals which does not bode well for not having anymore pets
  • He loves his family and loves to rough house
  • He is quite curious and independent (within our house- still has stranger anxiety)
  • He is learning to climb the stairs
  • He loves toys with wheels and that make noise
  • He is figuring out how toys work and how to play with them
  • He loves to see things bang, smash, fall and drop- he laughs so hard
  • He is very particular in how things should and shouldn't be
  • He is starting to not want to be rocked at night :(
  • He LOVES baths and playing in the water
  • He is developing problem solving skills
  • He is easy going but loves his routine

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