Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all!

Already broke out the pumpkin shirt...

Can you see my matching socks? so cute

Seriously, please, no autographs......

I love playing with this ball and saying "ball, ball"

First time having homemade chicken noodle soup

messy and yummy

Woo hoo!

Tree hugger:)

Summer is officially over and we are busy around here ! We had somewhat of a rough week. Chase was under the weather though we arent sure with what. He had a low grade fever all week and a clear runny nose. We originally thought a cold but then he was chewing on his hands so much that we thought maybe molars.....But then...yes, there's more....a friends child got a cold to which we then went back to our first thought. Who knows?? Chase has not been "sick" at all in his last year. This was the third time he has had the runny clear nose and low grade fever...the first at 9 weeks, the second around 7 months and then this. But it has never turned into much. I went to M2M the week before and he was in the nursery with several kiddos...a few days later, the fever. It is so hard to not want to lock ourselves in the house as I hate to see him feel bad. I know it is only normal and I have to get over it!

Chase is all over the place these days. He is into everything and I can barely get anything done besides playing with him. It will take him a while to learn what to touch and what not to touch. He did obey the other day when Brian told him no about climbing the stairs, so he is beginning to get it. (though I am sure this is quite confusing since Brian was so excited to teach him to climb them..hmmmm) He is also saying mama more and "up" when he is in bed with us in the morning.

We also had lots of soccer games for Tayler. I didnt get to go to any b/c of Chase feeling bad and overall bad timing of games. Brian went to most of them. Tayler is doing well in high school and really enjoys it there-favorite part: they get to chew gum! They had homecoming on Friday night and he got to go to his first highschool dance...he loves dances and unlike most guys, dances the whole time-his signature worm move included...ha (no pics of Tayler as he has basically refused to have his pic taken for the last year)

I am getting better at the coupon thing. I am still using and I also found this week. You can sign up for lots of free samples there. I also sign up for them on MSM. I got my first few samples in the mail this week-gotta love free stuff! I would like to get a Sunday paper subscription as that would really help us save even more. However, last week my groceries were $39 for eight dinners, breakfast stuff, and even laundry detergent! We did have to go back for a few things but I attribute that to a growing teenage boy!

I also attended my first writing critique group. It was so mentally stimulating and encouraging. We each submitted one chapter. I submitted the first chapter of my novel. We meet once a month. We have a diverse group so that keeps it interesting. Next time, we are submitting two chapters plus our revised first. I was pretty nervous going in as this is my first attempt at fiction. Writing has been such a good outlet for me.

I have been training (from couch potato to 5k in 6 weeks) the last several weeks. I should be up to 3 miles in 6 weeks. So far, I have ran 1.5 miles without stopping. I run with a group of girls and they are so motivating! I am already addicted....

Brian is doing well and is now working about 20 hours a month volunteering as he continues to lead his college small group as well as now leading our adult small group. It is refreshing to see him come alive in this way and be able to use his passions of teaching. His job is going well and he continues to climb the ladder. Sales are low right now but his position is solid and he is respected by his boss/es. He is gaining knowledge that we believe will be used later on in a ministry position. He has also lost 25 pounds and is only about 5-10 pounds away from his goal! I am so proud of him; now I just have to get him to work out and get a six pack:) and Arnold arms...(j/k ewwww) But some muscles are nice.

If you are still reading, let me know what you have "been up to" by leaving a comment! (yes, even you anonymous stalkers out there:)
My advice for the week: Buy and burn some pumpkin spice candles, make an apple pie or chicken noodle soup and maybe even pick up a pumpkin spice latte! Tis the season!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you running!!! I hate hate hate running and it hurts my back, so I'm more of a biker.