Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chase's Birthday Party

Monkey cake-so cute

This monkey welcomed everyone to the party!

Chase playing

Sisterly love! (Rachel is preggers with another girl!)

Aunt Liz taking pics!
Scott and Laurie Hume and Lisa Hudson to side (friend from Bethany)

Julia, Hannah, Reannon and Rachel

Julia and Joie, Hannah and Cash

Melody, Shon, Tay, Jackson and Julia

Brian showing the slide show he made for the end of the was so touching and cute... we hope to post it on the blog soon


Water bottles with labels....

The food spread (fruit, veggies, buffalo dip and cake)

Yummy (mints next to veggies that said Baby Boy turns #1)

Gift bags for the kids to take home (and Chase's sock monkey that he had his pic taken with for party) The bags had monkey socks, monkies in a barrel, and mints that said Baby Boy turns #1

The labels up close (Our little Monkey is turning #1)

Monkey hanging from the chandelier!

His one year pic we had everyone sign that came to the party-a great keepsake now hanging in his room

15 Minutes after the party started...still napping.

Trying out the cake (he ate little morsels at first)


Daddy was so excited about the Vols Jersey (s)

Art pad from Aunt Rachel

Little People Barnyard from Aunt Liz

All the kiddos helping out (two nephews, Jackson and Calvin)

He was leaning over eating morsels

Playing football and cornhole in the yard

The Williams family (they are like family to us!)

Guests hanging out

Then he started to dig in face first (then energy was slowing coming to him:)


Children's Museum with the family before the party...Mommy and Chase next to where we hope to soon visit!

Hume boys and Chase

Playing at the museum

There was a Star Wars Exhibit!

Brian, Jackson and Chase

Chase's party was a blast! We had family fly and drive in as well as many friends attend...My favorite memory is when I heard the voices of over 30 people singing happy birthday to our miracle baby Chase. It was so touching to have all of the people here that are very special to our family and have loved on Chase this last year. We had such a good time and Brian and I decided we make a great team for hostessing! We are so grateful for all of our friends and family and really enjoyed this weekend. We ended it by going to breakfast with my sister, Rachel and her family this morning. Now it is just a lazy day at the Hume house. Check back next week for our family celebration pics as Chase's true bday is next weekend!

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