Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The long awaited 'FRIDGE!

We had some major 'Fridge drama the last few weeks, but finally, we do have a fridge! Basically, we ordered one before the move. It was to be delivered December 5. To make a long story short, they had miscommunication with the contracted company who would deliver the fridge. When they finally did deliver it, days after they were supposed to, and hours of Brian waiting for it, they delivered the wrong one. But, Brian didn't realize this until later. The guys who delivered it told him my dream fridge (which was a side by side with Tayler's favorite feature....an ice and water dispenser) was not going to fit in the space. Thinking this was odd, but not realizing the fridge was different he went to get a refund from the store. When he got to the store, and after he got a refund, he went to measure the fridge we originally purchased. He then discovered that they had delivered the wrong fridge! Taking it all in stride, we decided to go to a different store and look for a similar fridge. But, we had to wait about four days for the money to post in our account. Yesterday, Brian was able to go to a new store, as he has vowed he will not go back to the previous store, and get us a fridge. My dreams of having a side by side were lost along with Tayler's dream of an ice/water dispenser, but it is a nice fridge all the same. We are just glad to have one!

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