Sunday, December 03, 2006

"My perspective" and some pics!

Well, first I would like to thank my wonderful, strong boys for all of their hard work. What Brian didn't mention is that he is covered in bruises from lifting all those heavy objects:( Well, today is Sunday and we just got home from church. I have a ten page research paper to write and a power point presentation then youth group tonight. Brian has two papers to write. Yikes!! Anyway, I have some pics to share of the move, our first home cooked meal, my cookies I had visions of making:)(I told you I would prove them wrong:), my first cup of coffee I couldn't wait to make in the new house, and some pics of the house in general. As for any other updates, the washer is giving us issues so it looks like we will be buying a new one tomorrow. Oh well, it was worth the shot of trying to use an older one. We will be spending our fourth night tonight and really only have details left. I absolutely LOVED staying home Friday and "making the house a home." I was so excited to add my touch, drink my coffee, and just sit back in gratefulness.

ps. this blogger isn't letting me post pics right now, I will try later.

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Anonymous said...

congrats! i can't wait to see some pics!