Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My little man!

Tomorrow is Tayler's 12th birthday. I can't believe it. He is growing up so fast. As I reflect on this past year in his life, I can relate this time to the toddler years. Every day is like a new discovery of him growing, learning, achieving. Friday night, we were riding in the car, and he randomly looks at Brian and says, "Dad, I really feel like our relationship has grown this past week." Brian and I were waiting for the joke as we looked at one another in shock. But, he was serious. So, we asked him how he felt the relationship had grown. It was hard for him to put it into words but he said, "He has just made me laugh all week....telling funny jokes and we've hung out a lot." Well, Brian tells the same jokes and the amount of time they spent together had not increased. Last week was actually stressful for Brian as you can see in the previous post. But, all the same, Tayler felt a strong connection with his father. I am so grateful for Brian and Tayler and the bond that they share. I am thankful that Brian has been such a wonderful, faithful, selfless father. He is demonstrating for Tayler the love of THE Father. It will be easier for Tayler to understand God's character and the love He has for Tayler because of Brian's character and the love he has given Tayler. It also made me so proud as a mother to hear my eleven year old son communicate his feelings with his parents. He matures every day and I think he is hitting a developmental milestone where he can look to his dad and appreciate his characteristics and yes, even his corny jokes. I look foward to this next year to continue to see this little boy become a man.............a man like His Father.

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