Friday, December 01, 2006

Our First Night...

We went and got the Uhaul at 9 a.m. Tayler was allowed to skip school in order to help me move. In the past I probably would not have let him "help" due to the fact that he would not have been much help. But, this year, it was amazing as I was looking in the face of a young man wanting to prove that he could lift and move things that seemed to be way beyond his capabilities. Our first task was to get the washer and dryer from the old parsonage. It was a rainy day and the ramp to the Uhaul was very slippery. Tayler was able to help me push everything into the truck.

We got home and got the lower half of the townhouse loaded in about an hour and a half. We took a break to watch Full House and eat some lunch. I got a call from a friend who had helped us earlier in the day with some wiring and he was coming over to help us move. This was a good thing because Tayler had really started to lose momentum. It's amazing how much junk we accumulated over the past year and this was after throwing away a whole storage bin of stuff, a garage sale and several trips to goodwill.

Around 2:30 Tayler and I headed to meet Karin at Stewart Title. We got there right at 3 and began the paperwork. I honestly don't know what everyone talks about it being so bad. Our closer was very helpful and it went very quick. We even got a check back. We were officially homeowners as of 4:15 p.m.

We headed home to finish loading the truck. Tom came back and called a couple of other guys from our church to come help load this old piano. We got the truck over to the new house around 5:45. We began unloading and officially ended around 8 p.m.

My goal was to have everything in our garage and our beds up. We were able to accomplish that with relative ease. Karin went to get us something to eat and I put Tayler to bed. Karin then went and cleaned our townhouse while I watched Seinfeld on DVD.

She got home around 11 and was exhausted. We laid in bed just saying "I can't believe this is real" and "congratulations homeowner". We fell asleep and were pretty restless. Tayler fell asleep right away and seemed to sleep through the night.

Now, the final detail is that the temperature was around 36 and raining all day. It was nasty and miserable. During the night a huge system came through that produced massive winds. It made it kind of difficult to sleep. I had an irrational thought that the wind we were hearing was somehow our house and the way it was built. I woke up this morning and saw all of the wind damage around our neighborhood and town. While it was bad to see all of that I was glad that it wasn't our house.

So, Karin is at home today and is making the house a home. We will be without a few things for a few days (including a landline, refrigerator, cable, internet and a connected washer and dryer) but we are very excited to be in our home. I'm sure Karin will give a more thorough account later and her perspective but I wanted to fill everyone in.


Mom said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for all of you! Enjoy your new home - you have worked hard for it.

emilie123 said...

woo hoo! can you come make my house a home too? :) luvies!