Saturday, March 10, 2007

Believe '07

These are pics of our annual Believe conference for middle schoolers. This is our fouth year to go. This was definitely the best year ever! This was Tayler's first year and it was so awesome to see him singing, jumping, praising God, and praying with his friends. Nothing can make a mother's heart more fulfilled. While there, Brian got each of the performers/speakers to hold a sign our youth made that said, "I heart E-Life Student Ministries" and we took pics of them with the idea. Most of them, in return, asked us to then take pics with them and they are posting them on their websites!

The theme for the weekend was Jesus is calling. It was so refreshing to hear our youth talk about what they feel Christ is calling them to. That is definitely the best part of Student Ministry........the youth sharing their hearts, struggles, dreams, etc. We have a strong youth group and we couldn't be more blessed to be with them on this journey.

ps Sorry the pics are so late Emilie:)

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Jen said...

sounds awesome!! have fun w/rach...I am jealous!