Monday, March 26, 2007

Welcome to the world, Julia!

Baby Julia (my niece) was born on the 16th at 8:59 a.m. She is absolutely adorable and I could've held her forever! To our surprise, she has a head full of brown hair and looks nothing like Jackson so far. (Rachel was also born with brown hair which later fell out and turned very blonde.) My sister, Melody, and I were both able to be there along with Chris's mom, Sandy. My mom and cousin came up for a few hours one day as well. We were all blessed to be able to be a part of Julia's entrance into the world. Sorry, Jen and Angie for the delay in pics! (And yes, that is a monogrammed burp cloth:)


Jen said...

she is so sweet! I can't wait to see her!!

emilie123 said...

that baby looks so precious in your arms! :) your hair looks great in that picture too!

Anonymous said...

Hey good to see you all..well in a picture. Tell Rachel congrats and that I think of her often. I'm so glad you got to be there!
I love you guys,