Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is coming!

Since Friday, we have had gorgeous, warm temperatures! Sorry, Melody:) I took these pics of Tayler and his friends enjoying the rays playing basketball after church today. Tayler and Brian put his goal together yesterday (mainly Brian). I am so happy to see Tayler get the opportunity to play with his friends from the neighborhood. It has been several years since he has been able to do that (due to living in a townhouse with a parking lot for a yard:)I am so glad winter is fleeting and we can now become mobile human beings once again!!:)

ps Gotta love the pic of Tayler's fro hair!


emilie123 said...

woo hoo! a new post! you rock karin!

emilie123 said...

glad you made it back safely from NC! :)

Jen said...

hey girl! where are those pics of Julia? How was your trip? I got my template off the template picks from blogger. It's the same place where you started yours.