Saturday, October 13, 2007

M & M's second visit!

Through a special yet really hard to describe set of circumstances, we have had these girls over the past few weekends and will continue to have them on the weekends for quite a may result in more, we aren't sure. We are unsure at this point but are enjoying our time with them now......they are so precious! We have had great friends give us so many clothes...recognize any of those clothes Jules/Wendy?.....and my little ponies..gotta love those..I wrote many a story about those ponies when I was young..."my little ponies, my little ponies!".....oh, how magical those ponies were.....they were as magical as unicorns and such..with feelings, hopes, dreams, how funny!.... and barbies..gotta love princess barbie! don't we all wish we looked like her?!

for these gifts we are so thankful!!! Thank you lovelies!!

Excuse the blurry pics! It is hard to get good pics when you are taking care of several children:)

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