Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I guess I get my conservative roots from my parents, mentors and friends. However, I have attempted to keep a somewhat open mind to the Democratic Party. In my lifetime there have only been two Democrat Presidents (Carter and Clinton). I think this speaks to the overall values of our nation. With this in mind we enter a new political season and the brink of history as Senator Obama accepts his party's nomination. I watched Hillary's speech last night and thought she walked the line pretty tight between supporting Obama and letting people know she is the better candidate. It was a speech meant to bring unity to a party that is harshly divided but in the end it just reminded Hillary supporters why they would rather have her as their candidate than Barack. As a Republican I would rather have seen Hillary win the nomination because I believe she would be able to handle the rigors of the presidency better than Barack. I just can't believe that a party (less likely a whole nation) would nominate someone with so little experience and history in politics. Twelve years ago he was attending a convention dreaming and was probably inspired to give it a swing and now he is months away from being the leader of the free world. It speaks well to the American Dream but is it best for the country?

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