Friday, August 29, 2008

Our First NFL Game

Tayler and I got to go to the Colts/ Bengals game on Thursday night. He has always wanted to go to an NFL game but trying to buy Colts tickets is nearly impossible. But, this summer I was able to get a couple to a preseason game. It wasn't nearly as exciting as a regular season game but it was still a lot of fun. Of course we were in Lucas Oil Stadium and that was great. It is huge to say the least. Our seats were on about the forty five yard line on the top level. But we could see everything pretty clear.

Before we went to the game we went to Hard Rock Cafe- another place Tayler had never been. It's a fun atmosphere and we had some good pork sandwiches.

The Colts lost (no big surprise there in preseason) but we got to see Manning warm up (third picture down) which was pretty exciting considering his knee injury. Hopefully this won't be the last NFL game we go to but it was definitely a memorable first game. Go Lorenzen!

Oh, and notice Tayler in a COLTS jersey? He bought it a few years ago when they went to the Super Bowl. Don't be fooled- he is a die-hard Patriots fan but likes Joseph Addai. He was a good sport and wore #29 last night to humor me.

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Leslie said...

I just wanted to say hello- although our husbands know each other, we haven't met yet. It's been fun following your pregnancy on your blog. Can you believe our due dates are just around the corner?

Best of luck to you as you meet your new little one!