Monday, July 27, 2009

10 and a half months!

Getting his foot sized at Stride Rite getting ready for his first walking shoes.

He was so excited!

At some friends (Steve and Jan Gregor) playing.

Playing with Tayler

Out to eat with mom and dad on the weekend.

He loves rough housing.

"I wonder, what IS the square root of pi"

Teething biscuits are still pretty good.

Steve with Chase. Chase wanting to go chase turkeys.

He looks so victorious.
He loves the lady robot voice in this toy.

Watching Disney's Fantasia- fascinated with the music and animation.

This week Chase has begun doing "bye, bye" and waving. The first time he did it Karin thought it was a coincidence but then we said "bye, bye" and he did it again. Sometimes he'll pump his fist instead of waving and it is so cute.
Also, Chase can still stand on his own for a few seconds at a time. He is also dancing to music. I am trying to "train" him to be a musician. He was born with an affinity to music and loves all different kinds. But, I would also like to train him to be an astronaut. :) REALLY...he will be!

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