Monday, July 06, 2009

9.3 months!

Chew toys rock

No big surprise Tayler makes a new "girlfriend"

Big Stuf rocks

View from room

Indeed the sunshine state

Still needs cover on and cant see all plants


This side of flowers dont look as healthy:(

Same plants on other side

It was SO hot at the parade

Before overheating

Kinda see how bare it was

My flag

TW marching band

Mamu and Chase

Mommy and Chase

My new mat from Mamu is so fun!

I will crawl one day soon

Tay chillaxin on swing

We bought this over a month ago for the 4th

Eating a banana by myself for first time (with lots of supervision)

My hair is getting crazy

He didnt really want to wear it like I had hoped!

Fun times

We had an eventful week! My mom was here and we were so busy! My mom decided to bless us and turn our bare backyard into an outdoor sanctuary. It was indeed a project but a fun one and we feel so blessed. We still have to put some finishing touches but I posted some pics. When she was here, we also celebrated B's birthday, went to P-towns 175th anniversary parade, shopped at Trader Joes and visited Trader's Point Creamery for brunch. TP was so yummy! Unfortunately, Tayler had my camera as he was in Panama City for Big Stuf-a church trip. So, I dont have many pics of the week's events. My mom took some good ones with her camera that maybe I will post later.

Chase is saying da da da and bye bye-mama only once. He still isnt crawling but loves to stand and practice walking. At his 9 month check up, he weighed 15.2 and was in 25-50% for height. We are introducing more foods that he can chew/feed himself as he has five teeth now. In other news, Tayler had a great time at Big Stuf. His "spiritual" moment was articulated by saying "I actually enjoyed the sessions and didnt dread them." That is good enough for me!

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