Friday, July 17, 2009

10.1 months

Notice how I bribe him with food to get him to crawl?

This boy must really be growing! Most of his pics this week center around food....that is because he has been eating non stop! His favorites are still blueberries, carrots, and whole grain, wheat toast... We introduced cheerios this week. I was giving him the puffs but when I noticed the second ingredient was sugar, I threw them out! I just wasnt sure he could chew cheerios but with this fourth tooth on top coming through this week, I thought he would be fine. He now has six teeth. I am going to make him broccoli this week and chop it up for him to eat. Broccoli was one of his fave's when I pureed his food. We also got him a new cup this week as his other one was more appropriate for when he was younger..He is just getting so big. I packed away his 0-9 months clothes today and that was sad.

Tayler has been such a great help this week feeding Chase lunch. It was so cute to watch Tayler with him. I was giving him the chicken sticks but didnt want to stick with those because of the sodium and disgusting gel that is there. Tayler demanded I give him more because he "could tell Chase loves them." Too cute.

Any suggestions on making chicken? He loves to hold it and eat it.

In other news, he is on all fours now crawling...he isnt perfect, but we will take it..he usually takes a belly flop in between his steps or gets in the push up positon (as seen in above pic) It is too funny.
PS Brian ordered a #1 cake pan for C's birthday. It came in to make is two months away (B has been planning since April!)

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