Monday, July 13, 2009

10 months!

Big smiles! (like my cheerleading pose?)

Chicken for the first time

My spiky hair is the best!

I love the swing!

Everything is up now

Going to lunch with a friend

Mommy and me

"Standing is the best"

"Seriously, it is!"

"Teething biscuits rock"


"I love this book!"

"My new shapes toy is so fun!"

"Is this a triangle?"

Playing with the Millenium Falcon (sp?)

"But, Daddy, I want the storm trooper" (they are my favorite)


"I love outside!"

"My mommy is forcing me to crawl!" (this was right before three scoots)

This was a week of firsts for Chase. He had his first teething biscuit, his first "chicken" stick, scooted for the first time and got his first Colts jersey! He rolls around to get where he is going ...and this is really a first too as far as consistently doing it. He is close to crawling...we just have to let him be on his tummy more....He was also away from me for the longest time yet as today I had to go into work for four hours! He refused to nap while away and has been sleeping for over an hour now. Brian lowered his crib this weekend and that was a shock to my system....such a big boy! In other BIG news, he is officially DONE with being rocked to sleep..he cant get comfortable so we lay him in his bed...he cries for a few then off to sleep he is! He also now hates pureed foods...he will only eat the chunky foods like diced carrots, blueberries, etc...

We have a few videos I want B to post later of first time eating chicken and the stinkin cute!


Reannon said...

you crack me up with those leg warmers. Arent those for girls? jk

indyhumes said...

Actually no, they are made for boys...hence the blue...