Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yes, Tayler is alive if you haven't seen him on here in a while...

Master Jedi

Checking his stash

The only Blonde Hume's.

Our small group gang

An impromptu storytime.

Chase wanting a little more interaction

This week we had our small group halloween party. Karin dressed as an 80's rocker chick, Tayler as a soccer player, Chase as Master Yoda and I as the Charlie Brown Ghost (lamest costume- great concept but terrible execution).

Halloween night we took Chase around to a few houses but it was pretty chilly. It was more for us to dress him up and take him around. We have some pretty nice neighbors...who knew? We really should get out more and actually meet them. But, now we're entering into the winter hybernation where we won't see anyone again until spring.

Chase had fun going through his pumpkin and playing with the candy. We gave him a small piece that did not sit too well but he still enjoyed it. Poor guy has no chance against a sweet tooth in this house.

Tayler begged me to take him to see Paranormal Activity. I was considering it but then he spent the night at a friends house. So, I'm just enjoying the Vols game while Karin and Chase are sleeping. Looking forward to a few days off.

Happy Halloween and All Saints Day tomorrow.

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