Sunday, October 18, 2009

We're gonna run this town....

So, I was thinking of starting a new blog to document my training/running efforts. I would like to run the Mini in May. It is 13.1 miles and this is a huge goal. I have to sign up soon (by end of October) if i am going to do it. Right now, I have only run 5 miles without stopping but run a comfortable 3-3.5 miles. I had to run on the treadmill last week (yuck!) I am looking forward to being back outside next week.

Anyway, I will either start a new blog to document this or I will post it here...let me know if you have an opinion either way. There is a sample schedule of what my training would look like to do the Mini at

I would post it here but it wont paste correctly. I have really enjoyed running but it is definitely a commitment. I get a little nervous the night before that I wont be able to do it the next day, but so far so good.
I would also like to lose 8 pounds by Thanksgiving. I have recently ventured into the 120's and I would like to be on the low end of that so that if I do gain weight, I wont go back to 130s. We are going to Disney World for the week of Thanksgiving and will be eating out alot. YIKES! Brian, I believe would also like to go down 8. He has lost 28 pounds so far and I have lost (dare I say?) 65...I know insane....I am really just to my normal size but when I got pregnant I was 20 pds over my normal weight (as we had a very rough 2007 and I ate to cope:) I have been doing WW online for a year now and that is what I will continue with to lose the 8 before Thanksgiving. My ultimate goal is 118.
So, let me know if you are interested in documenting with me..more than anything I want this to keep me accountable and encourage others that you can do it too!!
Here's to running this town!

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