Friday, March 05, 2010

A quick hello......

Mine and Chase's lunch today at Whole Foods
organic sweet potatoes
organic hearts of palm with tomatoes
quoina with apples, raisins and onion
organic cucumber salad

washed it down with this yummy, raw goodness
tons of enzymes, probiotics, algae, spiriluna, etc (quick shout out to Abby who ate lunch and grocery shopped with us,
Last night B and I attended the Lincoln Day dinner to support a friend/Hendricks County Commissioner running for Congress.
We chatted it up with Indiana's top business leaders, the State Treasurer, Congressmen, Senators and those running for Congress. It was an interesting night to say the was definitely strange being in the company of those who dropped names like Clinton and talked about how closely they worked with the President. God's favor was evident and we felt so honored and humbled to attend. After mingling with several groups of people, Brian is contemplating joining the Young Republicans we will see if we end up attending many more of these events...(we were already invited to a few more)

I hope to update the blog soon...with more food fun and a training update... just been very busy! Easter is coming up and its a very busy season for me! We are watching Food, Inc tonight and I am so excited!! I am sure I will be posting a review soon. I am also working on a few pieces for You can read my articles if you go to the Who section and click my name

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