Friday, March 12, 2010

Training Update

This is me after Mini training last night. Got a 4 miler in..but the best part was that we got our training shirts...
This is the back...gotta love it
I picked up my race number, timing device and shirt downtown this excited for my first race tomorrow! (hoping to have time in the morning to make a green juice for my Shamrock run!)

So its been a great week of training..with the 10 miler on Sunday, the 5 miler on Tuesday, 4 miler last night and 4 tomorrow, I will be at 23 for the week. So excited about that. One thing our trainer talked about last night was training pitfalls and mistakes. One of those was trying to do too much too soon...and comparing or trying to keep up with fellow runners. This is so me! So, I have resolved to take his advice and stay at my own pace and not get discouraged. He said that we might run this marathon and decide we arent marathoners. Perhaps we are just 5 or 10kers. And that is okay. I have been so worried that I am not a long distance runner and that I will have to walk some of the half. But, now, I am okay with that if it happens.  And perhaps, I will run a few of these, train my body and not have to stop during the half. Afterall, I've only been running for six months. It just really takes the pressure off. And I think b/c of that, I will have a better chance of running the half without stopping. What races have you run? How'd your first race go?

On another note, I have wanted to cut my hair for a year now. So, after the race, I am rewarding myself with a fun, shortest I have gone haircut. I am hoping to donate to locks of love but am concerned I may be right under what they need inch wise...I just had 5 inches off about six weeks ago..bummer.

I'm getting a mix between
these two cuts...

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

cute! can't wait to see the haircut!