Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shamrock Run!

Green juice and green larabar ready for race day (thanks to Abby for the sweet gift basket of snacks!)
Here we go! In the parking garage
Brian and I freezing!
Me and my boys!
Brian gets to spin the wheel!
and he wins...what else? but a movie card! Hooray!
Chase dancing to the live music
Get down, get down!
National anthem
Getting ready to do the honors
The crowd
Crossing the finish line 41:23!!
After the race
aNd as promised.....Now you see the hair

The race was awesome!! I got up at 6 am to fuel up for the 4 mile race. I had organic brown eggs scrambled with cheese ina  brown rice tortilla. I also had some organic, fair trade expresso bean coffee. I topped it off with organic cucumber and organic pear juice! Wouldnt be a St. Patty race without green juice!

We got downtown and it was freezing and windy! I was so excited to get in the start line...we took off and my I pod wasnt working...I kept running but slowed down to figure it out. The first two miles were hard (I think this is a new trend for me) but 3 and 4, were energy was pumping and it literally felt like someone was pushing me! I wasnt trying to speed up, I just was!

 I didnt see mile markers past mile 1 so I wasnt sure where I was...I knew I had to be near the end, so I put on David Crowder's Deliver Me...(love this song) A few minutes later, I turned the corner and saw Monument Circle (the finish line) As the music played, tears streamed down my was a glorious moment. I was surprised when I crossed the finish line to see that I did so in 41:20..I wasnt trying to go for speed at all. It was a pleasant surprise to see a 10:20 mile. And even better was seeing my boys there with a camera all proud and ready to take my picture...what a beautiful moment.

I want to thank my boys and especially Brian who sacrifice time with me so that I can train. It is a huge sacrifice and does not go unoticed. They give me their undying support and I truly appreciate it. Thank you for letting me follow my dreams...I love you.

Race results, visit I finished 706 out of 1192. Not too shabby for a rookie:)


Holly Daly said...

Aww! I got a little teary for you! That's a great accomplishment. I have a feeling many more marathons are in your future :)
Your hair looks super cute also :)

Melissa and TJ Bean said...

YAHHHHH! Karin, I'm so proud of you. I know, I felt the tears running down your cheeks for ya... what a great moment. True love, it's so great to know who truly loves ya in those moments where they could be like, man, you stink (sweaty) but they instead cheer cheer cheer! :) Happy Running and CONGRATS on the great time!!! :) Love ya, Melissa