Friday, May 14, 2010

Indianapolis Mini Marathon Part II (Race Recap)

me eating my oats at 4 am

fueled up and ready  to go!

Melody and I before her 5k
Karin, Jenny and Abby before the big race (hanging out in CP's tent)

When I saw my boys (5.5 miles)
Running back to kiss them...who cares about time??

My boys and I after the race
(finished in 2:23; ran the entire race)

I wrote an article about my journey. Check it out here. Just copy and paste this link

As for the race recap, here we go. It started off early Saturday morning. 3:50 am to be exact. I got up, had coffee and my overnight oats. They are full of protein and healthy carbs. Just perfect for a long run and will probably remain what I eat before every big race. Jenny came and picked me up around 5:15 and we headed dowtown. The winds were insane blowing at 30 mph...we were literally blowing around just walking. Bummer.

We set our stuff at our tent and went to meet my sister Melody. She was there to support me and was doing the 5k. It was so nice having her here. We made our way back to the tent and then dropped Melody off at her start line.

We then went to our corral X....(this was awful!) Cant wait for next year when I can be closer to the front! We were able to use the bathroom in a hotel. Someone tipped us off that there was no line in the restaurant. SCORE!

Once the horn sounded, it took us about half an hour to get to the start line. It is indeed the nation's largest half marathon. I spent so much energy just manuevering through the crowds. The first few miles were tough due to winds and the crowds. But, I kept going knowing I would see my boys at the Speedway. When I saw them, I stopped and gave them hugs and kisses...then made my way in for the dreaded Speedway.

The next 2.5 miles surprisingly ended up being my favorite. There was a ton of cheering and support. I also ate my sport beans here and I think that helped. Note to self: bring two bags or GU next time

Coming out and heading towards mile 9, the wind died down a bit. I took my first cup of fluid. (just a few sips of gatorade...and didnt spill any!:) I was giving high fives to all of the spectators/cheerleaders. Mile 10, my besty Abby needed to slow down. The next 3 miles were just God and I. It was really tough. My knee started to feel injured and my energy was GONE.

Mile 11-12 were much better as I listened to inspiring music and just trudged along. Once I turned the corner to go back downtown, they counted down the last mile. That was torture!!! As I crossed the line, I actually wasnt sure it was the line b/c the wind had blown the sign away. But, I raised my arms just in case...and thank goodness I did, it was the finish.

I had many emotional moments along the way and to read about those, click on that link above. At the end of the race, I was suprisingly grumpy. It was windy and I just wanted to lay down. My family and I headed back to Melody's room. It was just too miserable to enjoy the entertainment or massages I was looking forward to!

The rest of the day was great just chatting with Melody and chillin out...we had some great sister time.

Since the race: I ran 4.5 on Tuesday, did the 30 day shred and went to boot camp yesterday. I hope to run tonight. I am doing a 10 mile run this weekend (testing out some GU).

What's to come? I am signing up for the FULL in here we go! More training to come:)

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