Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pasta Dinner Celebration and a week in review!

Summer and I (aka the girl who taught me everything I know)

Chase greeted everyone with a hey! and yelled yay! when they received

My other biggest supporter!
Brian and Chase walking in
Waiting to receive our newbie rose
Recognition of trainers...
Running buddies Sarah and Jenny
Chase made a friend...
Smitty, our main trainer...

Yes, I will accept this rose....

I worked so hard for you buddy....
Spinach Wrap
Brown rice and tapioca flour tortilla with shredded cheese, spinach from Abby's garden, and dried cranberries
Some new chips I tried out this week. Chase is addicted to the veggie straws and the rice chips were great for nachos
These were divine and just the right size (if you're anorexic, otherwise, you eat two at a me!)
This week I had the one with acai and pomegrante....way tastier and perfect after a very, hot 80 degree four mile run
This week I added gluten free granola and dried cranberries to this! It was a great breakfast or snack
Brown rice couscous with feta
Fruit basket with mango, banana, pears, kiwi and mandarin oranges
Kale salad: kale, tomato, purple onion, cucumber, crushed chia seeds, olive oil, dried cranberries. Added feat later. Tangerine on the side
Nachos deluxe!
Rice chips, black beans, tomato, purple onion, jalepeno, shredded cheese
Smoothie ingredients
fresh spinach from Abby's garden
raw cacao nibs
hemp seeds
hemp milk
Strawberries, banana, kiwi, mango, hemp milk, hemp seeds, spinach, raw cacao nibs
Yam chips
yams, olive oil and sea salt
Tilapia and couscous
Yams and couscous (loved all this carbing up!)
Final training pic by the infamous plate rack:)
So what will be my time? 30 mph winds and rain forecasted....


Sarah Forgrave said...

Great pictures! You and Summer look AMAZING! When did you get so tan?!

indyhumes said...

Lol Sarah...Brian got me a spray tan for Mother's Day!