Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm going coco-NUTS around here!:)

Ever had a week where the thought of cooking is so overwhelming that you just don't eat? Well that is definitely me this week. In the past, I would've just gone out to eat but since Food, Inc and Dave Ramsey have both entered my life, that is no longer an option. So, without further ado, here is the week in review.

The fruit "basket"
organic kiwi
organic pears
organic bananas
organic mango
organic oranges (some special kind, not sure of name)
I started off the week with big plans to use these peppers to add color to my plates. As you will see below, things didnt go as planned
My little helper wants to say hello!

"Pepper wrap"
brown rice and tapioca flour wrap
yellow, red and orange peppers
organic muenster cheese
organic dried cranberries
organic spinach leaves
extra virgin olive oil

We tried out these yummy, vegan treats from Costco

Here's all the different flavors. They were a hit!
"Chickpea salad"
Organic spinach leaves
chickpeas with seasonings, onions, marinade

Chase wanted me to "jazz" it up a little

So I broke out the coconut yogurt...this stuff is AMAZING! I am hooked! (made from coconuts not dairy)

But I quickly, got boring again
"Chickpea wrap"
organic brown rice and tapioca flour wrap
chickpeas (got these from Costco already made up-so soo good)
organic spinach leaves

my typical afternoon snack
veggie root chips
eggplant hummus

This is the second best thing next to water, nutrition wise. Great way to hydrate and recover from working out. Full of good stuff for you. See the benefits of coconut water here:

"Revolutionary Pizza"
organic brown rice and tapioca flour crust
organic marinara
organic spinach leaves
red, yellow, and orange peppers (i was still motivated here:)
organic tomato
organic purple onion
organic barrel aged feta

"Tilapia on the go"
tilapia without additives of any kind
Organic spinach leaves
organic strawberries

"Crushed chia seed salad"
Organic  kale
organic tomato
organic cucumber
Organic barrel aged feta
Crushed chia seeds
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
"Leftover Smoothie"
2 cups organic spinach
1 organic mango
2 organic kiwis
2 organic pears
12 organic strawberries (frozen)
organic vanilla hemp milk
crushed chia seeds

Final training run tonight vs first night of training
tonight 73, sunny and windy
first night: 36, windy, and pouring rain
Chase was so bored with my menu, he fell asleep!

In conclusion, you can see I didnt have much diversity this week and boy can I feel it. I am more tired and having stomach issues. As I mentioned, I just wasnt motivated to cook this week. As a result of that coupled with a busy schedule, I missed lunch one day and dinner two days. And guess what? I GAINED three pounds....doesnt pay to not eat people! 

The half marathon is only a week away and I am starting to be very nervous! Tonight is our last training run! Also not pictured are the weekly brown rice spaghetti with organic, free range, grass fed beef and our Sunday burgers also made with organic free range, grass fed beef. I topped mine with purple onion and feta this week. I've also been a good girl and not had any sweets since Sunday!

(also for snacks had pictured oranges as well as almond butter by the spoonful topped off with raw cacao nibs)


Anonymous said...

Still looks fresh and yummy! You should try bison meat- we had it the other night and were really impressed! More protein than any of the other meats and it's leaner than chicken!

Lauren said...

Karin - your food looks amazing. It's like a vegan kitchen! Have you ever heard of Karyn's in Chicago? You would love her stuff:

Good luck on your race! I know you'll do great. You look beautiful and so fit!