Thursday, April 01, 2010

Training and General Update

So tonight was my first run since Sunday. I have a brutal ear infection, congestion and was doped up on lots of meds. I still was able to do 5 miles in 55. But every.step.was.painful. I got these new running clothes, and although they were pricey, I am thinking it was worth it. They are dry wicking and it really does work. All of the sweat was on the outside and I was drenched...but I felt none of it! Amazing! My first half marathon is only 5 weeks away...very intimidating and insane. I am running my second race in a few weeks. It is a 10 miler..I will definitely be posting about it!

And for food fun: Here's my attempt at making homemade fruit and nut bars. I dehydrated my leftover Charoset from our Seder dinner last night. Looks like it will end up being more of a granola type mix..I will put it in baggies. is so delicious!
Fun pictures from our park adventures today (courtesy of )

Look at those rough knees...(such a big boy)
and in color, just for fun
Just had to see those knees again:)

On another note, we had a Seder dinner last night. Brian lead it and I prepared the foods. The food preparation was pretty cool and I felt my heart being prepared as I went along. And although ours didnt look as formal as this, (instead resembled more of paper plates and kids running around crying:) it was still a meaningful experience. I love the symbolism.  I encourage you to set some time aside and reflect on Christ, his life, his death and his Ressurection. Happy Easter!

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