Sunday, April 11, 2010

Training Update

Me after my 8 mile run, legs still pasty but def beefin up a little:)
Tomorrow's lunch made tonight (I work in the office tomorrow) Sauteed organic kale salad with 1 organic tomato, organic chopped carrot, diced onion (may add feta in morning)
Organic quinoa with one organic apple and diced onion

So, things are going well with training. I ran the most this week with 30 miles in 6 days! Wowza!! I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather today and was able to get a 8 mile run around town. It is really crazy seeing how far 8 miles is when you are familiar with the area. When I run with my running group, I dont know the neighborhoods, etc. It seemed like I went ALL over today. But, in the end it was good. I averaged 11 min miles
I am still eating "clean" and honestly crave this type of food. Some people think its odd but I honestly dont crave foods from the SAD (standard american diet) I have tried to practice intuitive eating and listening to what my body is asking for. Fortunately, it "asks" me for organic whole foods. I dont know if this is something I trained my body to do or just something biological. There is a debate about that but I would think its probably a balance.

On another note, my goal for this week is to really add cross training back in to my routine (how many weeks have I said this?) I really havent cross trained AT ALL and it is pretty crucial to running. I need to work on my core and overall muscle groups. I would like to be strong in every area of my body, not just my legs.

Well, my body is calling for an organic kale, carrot and apple juice. I tried to argue b/c I am too tired to make it and clean up after, but it refuses to listen. So, I must go...

How is your training coming along? If you arent training, what steps are you taking for an overall healthier you? 

Make sure to check back next Sunday for my race update. 10 miles!!


McKinney Clan said...

I haven't been training very well lately. Hopefully I don't die during the mini. I'm going to try and workout during the day and take the kidos with me. We will see how it goes.
Good for you and your training! You are doing great!

Lauren said...

Karin, you look amazing!!!! Just amazing!! Way to go on your 8 mile run. You are so going to rock your race. I know what you mean about craving clean food. After I need my detox for a month and was completely raw for that duration, I haven't eaten the same since.

Keep it up!!! GREAT WORK!!