Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bricks to Bricks 10 miler!

Yesterday's preps started with lunch
organic kale with smoked salmon, cucumber, tomato, purple onion and feta
and some good ol green goodness
Dinnertime called for carbin' up. Quinoa noodle spaghetti, organic grass fed beef and pasta sauce
organic apple
organic spinach leaves, organic dried cranberries, and white cheddar (from cows not treated with RbGH)
breakfast was overnight oats
pm ingredients are:
chia seeds
mashed banana
hemp milk
and vanilla
am ingredients
almond butter
they were so sweet and hard to eat b/c of that but they were also very tasty! Also had a murcott not pictured some coffee, and 20 oz of water.

Here we go!
taking off
bib number
not a cute shirt, but had to get it!
crossing the finish line
family photo op!
Jenny and I after the race! 10:50 pace!

The race was great....I didnt sleep very well but this morning my nerves were better. I was a little tense but now that I'm a pro at races (NOT) it wasnt too bad. The scenic route we took through downtown Indy was gorgeous! I ran with Jenny, who typically does 9:00 min miles but has been injured so she is running with a turtle like me....(hey, the turtle wins in the end, right?) Around mile 2.5, we had a girl run up and start chatting wiht us. That was a great distraction and she stayed with us until mile 8. She had to slow it down to a walk. We did see her at the was kinda sad to say goodbye...we bonded, ya know?? After today, I am more excited for the Mini marathon than I am nervous. The countdown has begun!!

On another note, as long as my family consents, I have decided to do the full marathon in Indy in November. I love running and really enjoy long runs...they kick my butt, but I keep comin' back for more. I have already browsed their webpage, and am pretty sure it will be a birthday gift to myself:) Again, I am so thankful to my boys who are so supportive of me. They not only come to my races (which means the world to me) but they sacrifice time with me so that I can train. Thank you for letting me pursue my dreams! I love you guys!

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