Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's that time again....

Yep, you know what time it is....
Can't leave out this little guy! He wants to be part of the recap too!
If you're keeping up, you know that I decided to go vegan...(these are the only brand I found made without soy) Never tasted the "barbecue"
Why go vegan? Check out this trailer.
Got some protein packed bread! I didnt inhale:)
And add with that, some superfruit jam! (this stuff is amazing-made from acai berries, pomegrante, etc)
Okay, so I did inhale...lots of these almond butter and superfruit jam sandwiches:) I  know, I know...I couldnt resist...
Tried it with honey too for breakfast or snack (packin' that protein for all my workouts, no doubt)

about those workouts.....(check out those leg warmers!:))
I ran 10 miles with Jenny and Summer on Sunday
But with the help of this organic GU, I shaved two minutes off my time...and average a 10:37 pace
Went to spinning on Monday night....
with my kick butt friend Mandi

Then pledged my allegiance to bootcamp at 5 am Tuesday morning with Lisa
Took Wednesday off b/c I was wallowing in self pity. It was raining for like the tenth day in a row; I had a sick toddler; I was in post partum from the marathon; I was fighting off a bug; did I mention it was raining out? Okay, I digress. Back to the food:)
These nachos would cheer anyone up right? Correct you are!
Made with this cheese substitute..also not made from soy

But how fun would nachos be without yummy vegan candy bars?
After all of those treats, I had to get back to the basics...ya know, like real food from the earth and what not
I didnt say it was an exciting week....
It's not exaclty the same...I mean, cut me some slack..Did I mention the rain..I mean seriously!
Had this great fueling up meal of  yams and quiona a few times.. ..
B/c it was time for bootcamp again. Bright and early Thursday morning...(need a pic of Lisa)

Chase and I made smoothies like this to help recover....
Especially since today I had to run 3 miles in the rain.....okay, okay..I wasnt in a dress nor did I have an umbrella, but you get the point!
Almost forgot...Chase wanted me to tell you about these organic, probiotic yogurts I found...but I think he was just impressed with the packaging....maybe he'll be a vegan like his mama?:)
He definitely prefers these....goes through two boxes a week!

Well, time to wrap up and head to bed.....(can you tell I am excited about my new garmin watch? It was a total surprise from my awesome, sweet sisters)

I'm meeting Summer for some speed drills....
before sunrise on the dreadmill......

Then it's off to my favorite stores for my new, fun food finds! (ooh....think I just found a new title for a future post::) I plan on getting lots of cool, weird stuff,  so check back next Thursday for an update.

How's your training going? What's on your menu for the week?


McKinney Clan said...

What a fun post!!!! I laughed out loud at the picture of you and cute!

Lisa said...

love it! can't wait to try me some hemp bread :)

indyhumes said...

It's oh so good Lisa!

and Abby: yes, that was at Halloween!

Sarah Forgrave said...

Oh my goodness...You are one busy lady! I went to the grocery store on Wed. and had to prop my feet up the rest of the day. That's about as busy as I get these days. LOL

indyhumes said...

You are too funny Sarah! That's only half of my schedule..LOL

Leslie said...

Cute post! I loved all of the pictures and the humorous take on everything.