Saturday, November 07, 2009

Before and After Photos....

UPDATE: Here's a little better pic....and in the size 3's 127.8(wish I could put this pic and the below one side by side)

The day Chase was born (didnt weigh the last two weeks so unsure of exact weight but in the 190's) YIKES!

8 weeks post baby (this is when I started WW online) 174 pds (this makes me really miss him being this small)

2.5 months post baby (I love this pic of him yawning)

3 months post baby (look how tired I; I didnt feel tired at all!)

3 1/2 months post baby

4 months post baby (in the 150's)

5 months post baby

6 months post baby (vacation in Savannah.) about 146 here

7 months post baby

8 months post baby

9 months post baby (face looks smaller here than next pic...hmm must be angle) low 140's

10 months post baby (around 137 -139 here)

11 months post baby (still those full cheeks) around 133-135

12 months post baby (this is after a month or so of counting pts again and running...big change)

13.5 months post baby (today) 128 pds (not the best shirt to take it in as it is flowy but oh well)

You've asked so here ya go..I picked photos from each month of Chase's life...since I have so They arent all full body shots-in fact they are mainly taken at angles that would help me look smaller:) but you will see the difference in my face and arms. I hate that I dont have more body shots and to be honest, I might be able to find some...that Tayler snuck and took:) I will look later and see what I can do and I will try and be more purposeful and take some as I lose this last 10 pds....As you can see, I didnt really work on my weight this summer. I pretty much stayed stagnant....

Any votes on doing this with Brian's pics too? He looks 10 yrs younger now!!

PS Wearing a size 3 jeans right now! I swear they haev to make sizes bigger these days....


Anonymous said...

I meant to leave a comment last week but got distracted! You're an inspiration!!! I am going to post another pic after I've lost a couple more inches. I have like 6 more inches I want to lose in my waist and hips, so after I lost another inch or two, I'll post another pic.

Sarah Forgrave said...

Size 3 jeans! I don't think I was wearing size 3 even when I was under 130 pounds, but I tend to wear my weight on my hips. :-) Congratulations on the great progress!