Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disney and Thanksgiving 09

Arriving at Disney!

On our way there!

Loading onto the Magical Express from Airport

Getting his first pair of Mouse ears

Loading on

Its a small world after all

Chris and Tayler (Rainforest Cafe)

Chase and his third cousin, Shawn

Gigi and Chase

7 dwarfs

Katie and Chase

Jackson getting his face painted

Tayler and Katie at Animal Kingdom

Electric Parade

Tayler in Mexico (Epcot)


Parade begins...

When we first got there

Donald Duck

Asleep right when we got to Animal Kingdom

Playhouse Disney!

Tayler at the Resort

Katie and I at Epcot


Playhouse Disney

Dad looking at his bday gift

Tree of Life

Rachel (baby Hovis) Katie, Tayler and Jackson


Tower of Terror

At the Resort

Giving C a bath in our room

Rainforest Cafe

Waiting for Indiana Jones

Hollywood Studios

Brian is so excited!

At Brian's dad's house in the Villages, FL

I think on the bus at Airport?

Thumbs up! Great trip!

We had a great trip! We stayed at the awesome Saratoga Springs was beautiful there! We have many more photos but I am getting tired of waiting for blogger to post them....Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like an amazing and well-deserved trip that you'll cherish for your lifetime :) Loved seeing all the pics on fb...