Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Training Update III

*pic taken by Tayler after my morning run...
(ignore the open pantry..it was 6 am...what can I say??)

Well, its another update without loss....technically I have gone down, but I keep going between 127-129. My body is fighting to hang on...which is exactly what I thought would happen.

I need to refocus on why I originally started working out. It was to be healthy and to find a positive stress reliever. Having the goal of 124 before Thanksgiving was good, but I dont think I am going to hit it. I am hoping to get in several runs while in Florida next week. I am also hoping the timeshare has weights so I can do cross training.

We will be eating out every meal so......even with good choices, it is inevitable that we will both gain. Brian is only 1 pound away from his Thanksgiving goal. We both had 8 pds to lose before Thanksgiving and it looks like he will hit his. I have only gone down 3-5 pds. (5 on most days-3 on Mondays??)

I continued with my running in the gym this week and beat my previous running time by running 4.15 miles at 5.6 speed. I also did some cross training on the eliptical and weight training as well. This morning, I worked on intervals at 6.0 speed.

My goal for January is 6 miles in 60 minutes 3 X a week. This is a lofty goal and I hope I am not setting myself up for disappointment...(as with this weight loss goal)

On the bright side, I have to remind myself that if I am at least staying near my same weight, that is a huge accomplishment with vacation and holiday parties! Leave a comment and let me know what you are doing to stay healthy over the holidays! I need the encouragement!


Sarah Forgrave said...

I don't have a plan to stay healthy over the holidays, but I need one! :-) Usually my Thanksgiving strategy is to get a really small amount of everything so I can taste it all but not gorge too much. We're going to FL to visit my mom in December, so I'm looking forward to getting outside and walking in the warmer weather!

indyhumes said...

I know me too...cant wait for the warm FL weather!!

if you want help, I can help!