Monday, November 30, 2009

Training Update IV

No, this boot isnt one of the hottest new fashion trends I picked up in Florida. Unforunately, I have injured my foot pretty seems running six miles and doing sprints isnt that great for your peroneal tendon...who knew??
I ran 4 miles last week at the resort. Let me tell you: It was a beautiful run. Water everywhere, the sun shining, palm trees. I wish that was my scenery everyday! The run felt great but afterwards, I could barely walk. All week at Disney, I was having a hard time (like everyone tapping their feet and looking at their watches while I painfully push the stroller behind-hard time)
This morning I tried to run again. It started off great. Sure, it was freezing but soon enough, I was peeling off the layers. I was doing a 9-10 minute mile and finished about two miles before the pain set in. I didnt even yell to let the girls know. As they ran off into the distance, my pride followed suit. Once they noticed I had fallen back (about a mile later) I told them what happened and to go on. Sadly, they did.
So picture this. Its 5 am, dark out and 30 degrees. I am hobbling through the neighborhoods, across the movie parking lot, all down the highway as tractor trailers are whizzing by. I'm all alone...crying here and there b/c of the pain and feeling sorry for myself. My left foot began hurting from using it to bear all of my weight. (I was really wishing I was half mutant at this point and could fly.)
I thought about those shows on National Geographic where survivors of airplane crashes brave the cold and fight for their lives. .....yes, I am just a little dramatic, but I realized I might not make it in a situation like that....
So, I have been told to wear this boot, rest it for a few weeks, take some meds, ice it several times a day and put my training on hold. I am trying not to freak and see the big picture. I will do some weights and possibly the eliptical/bike. I am pretty discouraged.
As far as weight goes, somehow I managed to eat out for every meal for a week and lose weight..not sure how that happened. But, I am down a few pounds....but still not at my goal. How are you guys doing? Let me know and post pics on your blogs!

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