Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Grandaddy and Jackson (yes, thats the leg lamp from A Christmas Story in the background)

Melody playing with Ty and Chase

Grandaddy and Gigi

Melody with dad and Chris

Brian, Chase and Julia

Rachel (baby Hovis) opening her gift from us

Brian opening his gift from Melody..he will have many good nights out because of this!

"Should I or shouldnt I?"

Tayler and Chase playing (Tayler played so well and entertained all of the younger kiddos:)

Aunt Melody loving on Chase
YAY! Under Armour for mini marathon training! (from Melody)

Tayler, Jackson and Chase

Katie and Chase

Gigi, Tayler, Chris, Katie and Jackson

Dad and Melody were serious about their game of Risk

Katie and Jackson

Chase playing in his ball pit!

Jackson and Julia, so cute!

My sister Katie opening her sweater from Melody

Chase's new chair from Aunt Rachel
Lunch with the Hill's and Johnsons

Opening my boots from Brian!

Julia in her princess outfit we got her

Father/son love

Tayler lovin' his new sweater from Aunt Melody

Mandi and I Christmas day

Brian opening his PJ's Christmas Eve

My mom, Tayler, Melody and me

Tayler before opening his PJ's

Dad and Chase having a blast Christmas morning!

Chase and I

Brian as a sheperd at CPCC's nativity

Tayler giving his gift to sweet!

Cousins, Addison and Ty with Chase on the Smart Toys cars

Julia and Chase playing!

Family playing Risk

Chase in his ball pit

Baking cookies with Daddy

Jackson and Chase

The family

We had a great Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we did our usual traditions. We opened Pj's, baked cookies and attended CPCC's service. This year, Brian acted as a sheperd in the live nativity. He tells a funny story about getting into character and reigning the sheep back in the stable...Oh Brian and his stories!

Christmas day, we woke up, opened gifts and enjoyed cinammon rolls. I did a lot of cooking for our lunch with the Hill's and Johnsons. We had a wonderful lunch and afterwards left for Knoxville.

In Knoxville, we saw everyone from my mom and dad to my aunt and cousins. It was a really good time. It was an awesome feeling to look around the room and see that everyone there was your family. We dont get that often. It seems as we are getting older, we are reconnecting with extended family and that is a great feeling.
We ended up catching a stomach bug at the end of the trip that was absolutely brutal but we are on the mend now.

How was your Christmas?

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