Monday, December 14, 2009

Training Update VI

There's really not much to update. Only worked out the one day last week. It ended up snowing and I just didnt want to go back out. It didnt help that the foot was flaring up.

As far as weight goes, I was 128.0 at the Dr. with clothes on, on I was pretty stoked about that. So, my weight is around 127.0. I seriously want to lose a few pounds before Xmas but I am just not feelin' the discipline right now....once my foot was hurt, my motivation pretty much went out the window. I am going to run at least 3 X this week though...unless the foot prevents me. I am going tomorrow night, Thursday night and not sure what other day. Does anyone else use the exercise channel? I am thinking I might do Yoga on there. I just dont feel like getting out in the cold to go do Yoga....

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