Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Training Update VII/update on Wed:125.8 this morning!

*This pic was taken at the resort after my run. If you compare to the next pic, you can see just how much working out makes a difference. We tried to take the below pic in this same outfit and it looked horrible! My stomach and legs looked completely different! Even though I am around the same weight, my body shape looked nothing like this pic!

*This pic was taken before Spinning class last night! It was great...I used to spin several times a week in college. Its so intense, I love it!

Cant believe this is my 7th post and I really havent gone down much since I started! In fact, this week, I went up 2-3 pds. I am working my way back down now and am 129.8 this morning. But, thats what happens when you eat lots of cookies and dont work out! With my foot injury, I took three weeks off. (I ran once a week each of those weeks) But I was working out 3-5 X a week. Anyhoo, I am pretty much freaking out and am determined to work out at least 4 X this week if not more. I did spinning last night, I am running tonight (we will see how that goes:), intervals and weights tomorrow night, possibly a class on Thursday, taking Friday off to travel, and Saturday running with my sister, Melody for the FIRST TIME! I am really excited about that!
Let me know how you are doing, what you are doing if anything! How are you losing/maintaining during the Holidays? My overall goal was to not gain during the Holidays or if I did, to not see 130 again...we will see how that goes! Brian has also gone up a few pounds! We cant lose sight NOW!!
On another note, I have been extremely nauseaus for almost two weeks. My stomach is bloated and burning (which could be partly responsible for why my body shape looked so different) I am concerned that maybe I have an ulcer or some sort of minor stomach bleeding from taking too much Advil over the years....It is so bad, it woke me up several times last night...if it doesnt go away soon, I will see the Dr. But, first I will try the simple approach. I am eliminating all Advil for a few days (and forever!) to see if it goes away soon.

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Jennifer said...

They say most people gain 15 lbs over the holidays, so a couple pounds is ok as long as you don't keep adding to it:) Don't stress over it:)

You know you can lose it with focus and determination. Sorry about your stomach. Hope it feels better.